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The Future of Metal is Already Here! Real and Boundless Metal Coating


continuous surfaces without visible joints

Real metal

appearance of solid metal 

Bonds to any surface

Variety of metals

any metal on any surface.

Real metal coating without Surface Borderlines– Art-topping

Art-Topping is a breakthrough technique applied by hand by skilled craftsmen, using real metals such as brass, copper, bronze, zinc and steel. 

The variety of different metals can be applied virtually to     any solid surface of any size or shape-include, but are not limited to MDF, concrete, steel, glass, plaster and fibreglass.

This technique allows the coating of carpentry items, doors and also three -dimensional elements in metal. 

Using real metals gives us the unique ability to apply natural ageing processes such as rusts (corten),blackening and patinas.


Innovative technology where liquified metals are applied to any substrate and extends the design potential  by lending it the appearance of solid metal without any limitation, such as size or weight.

The application can be processed in our studio or on job-site.

Selected projects

Pereh Hotel  Reception 1 photo Aya Ben Ezri _small.jpg
Pereh Hotel

A dialogue between nature, history and design.

Its exciting to see the results


Merge metals to create a new material

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